Call for submissions: Seeking personal essays about transitions

"This is a long overdue book, giving great credit to the long line of women who have done so much to shape our culture's view of the world around us and of our prospects in it. We desperately need that culture to heed their words!" - Bill McKibben
Book review: ‘Rachel Carson and Her Sisters: Extraordinary Women Who Have Shaped America’s Environment’
January 12, 2017
Personal essays and personal thoughts for public consumption
February 10, 2017

Write for a new anthology:

Seeking personal essays on the theme of transitions. The theme of transitions can be broadly interpreted.
What do we mean by transitions? Perhaps your politics have changed. Perhaps you bought a new dog leash, graduated, got fired, moved, retired, got old, received a terminal diagnosis, became a parent, lost a loved one, had a sex change, or something entirely different.

Your essay will induce the reader to develop new insights about an aspect related to transitions. Readers don’t want words: readers want emotional and cognitive experiences. They want to laugh, cry, remember, think, cheer, gulp, smile through tears, clutch their chest and feel alive.

Be honest. Layer meaning, and don’t bore the reader. You will manipulate your reader to have an experience.

Essays will be 500 to 3000 words. Attach in WORD. Title your submission EXACTLY as follows. Transitions, Last Name: Title of your work. So if the essay title is ‘Morning Cup’ and my last name is Fitzgerald, the submission would list this as the title: Transitions, Fitzgerald, Morning Cup. Submit by May 17, 2017. Submit using Green Submissions. If you have not used Green Submissions previously, you will have to register.

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